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Effective negotiation skills training from SGS – enabling you to drive growth and profit from the goods and services your organization buys and sells.

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Success in business is dependent on many factors such as the products or services your offer, quality, safety and pricing but perhaps most importantly of all to help you derive maximum benefit from your efforts you need to be an effective negotiator.

From the price you pay for materials and resources to the price you agree with clients your negotiating skills can have a massive impact on profit margins and even make the difference between profit and loss.

Why choose effective negotiation skills training from SGS?

Our training has been designed to help you learn a solid foundation in the techniques and strategies of negotiation and to use these skills to become a professional business negotiator.

Attendees on this course will cover three key topics:

  • Basics of negotiation
  • Strategic planning for systematic negotiation
  • Effective negotiation techniques

Trusted effective negotiation skills training from Thailand’s leading course provider

Our courses are delivered by tutors who are expert in human resources development and experienced trainers. Your knowledge and skills will be developed through an interactive and practical approach to learning.

Contact us today to find out more about our effective negotiation skills training.