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IMDS training from SGS – enabling your organization to better manage hazardous substances and environmentally relevant aspects of vehicle parts.

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The International Material Data System (IMDS) enables OEMs, primarily in the automotive industry, to manage, trace and remove hazardous substances in the supply chain. Established by leading European OEMs before global adoption and available online IMDS assists you in the management of environmentally relevant aspects of the different parts used in vehicles.

Why choose IMDS training from SGS?

We offer two training courses tailored for beginners and intermediate learners.


The focus of this course is on the practical use of the IMDS system. It will introduce you to the system and its underlying legislation. You will also cover:

  • Definition and terms
  • How to navigate within IMDS
  • Generating a simple declaration
  • Searching for data
  • The quality criteria to be applied to supplier data

Taking your knowledge to the next level this course focuses on IMDS and the underlying legislation for End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) in different countries. You will also cover:

  • Definitions and terms of the IMDS in detail and use of all functions
  • How to search for supplier data
  • Generating complex product structure trees
  • The scope of internal data checking routines of IMDS and be aware of the necessary supply chain management procedures for ELV compliance

Trusted IMDS training from Thailand’s leading course provider

Our courses are delivered by tutors who are International Material Data System experts and experienced trainers. Your knowledge and skills will be developed through an interactive and practical approach to learning.

Contact us today to find out more about our IMDS training.