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With 250 dedicated volunteers, SGS TH continue engaging 'SGS CSR Day’ activity, instilling conscience of preserving-and-restoring the ecosystems; collecting garbage and improving landscape of Teay Ngam Beach.

SGS TH joins hands with The Royal Thai Marine Corps taking a group of over 250 dedicated volunteers to Teay Ngam beach, Sattahip, Chonburi for an environmental responsibility fieldwork; engaging in fish-house building, coral planting, sandshark freeing, and garbage collecting to help restore life balance; create nature-friendly living; and improve Teay Ngam Beach's landscape. 
SGS (Thailand) has been annually contributing to the society and community development and enhancement including environmental initiatives through 'SGS CSR Day' program; a voluntary
initiative aiming to help Company's employees realize and embrace the values of: public mindedness; think good thoughts; do good deeds; learn to share for the benefit of society, community,
and environment; self-worth and self-pride, and to help improve teamwork skills and workplace unity.

This year, SGS (Thailand) together with The Royal Thai Marine Corps have taken the initiative to engage Company's CSR volunteers (over 250 members) in coral planting to expand coral
area in the Thai seas, which is continuously depleting. Coral planting is a viable method for preserving and restoring the ecosystems for marine habitats. The activity also aims to instill empoyees' conscience on environmental preservation. Because of its diverse functions including: provide habitats and shelter for marine organisms; protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storm, coral reefs are vital to marine ecosystems. Planting corals is not the only highlight of this year activity; the volunteers also have the opportunity to engage in freeing sandsharks
to help increase its population in the ecosystem, as well as collecting beach garbage to improve Teay Ngam beach's landscape while making it a beautiful and clean travel destination for laid-back holiday weekenders.

For the nine consecutive years of CSR engagement, our CSR initiatives remained focused on continuously undertaking the social responsibility activities that align with the our values and business principles. With the aim to give back to society, the social contribution initiatives undertaken include: promoting education; preserving community natural resources and environment; improving a school building for Thai Mountain community's school children; constructing a school building for the disabled children; creating learning and teaching medium using textile bags; restoring mangrove forest to nurture marine habitats; planting trees to increase green areas and green lungs for city dwellers. The practical engagement and the collaborative undertaking embedded into the activities allow the volunteers to demonstrate and develop team cohesion for business sustainability and society betterment contribution. We are moving forward on the initiatives to contribute sustainable benefits to the society.