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SGS (Thailand) organized a CSR group activity “Follow Dad’s Footstep - Doing Good Deed For His Majesty King Bhumiphol Aduladej Through Engaging In The Royal Initiative Projects Aiming To Promote the Royal Charitable Activities: Planting New Trees and Building Salt Lick Weirs.  

Led by Managing Director Jirote Na Nokorn, a group of over 200 SGS (Thailand)’s management and staff took a three-hour van ride to Nong Yaow Forest Protection and Wildlife Conservation Unit, Phachee river, Amphor Suan Phurg, Ratchaburi Province,  engaging in new tree planting by slingshot shooting of 1,645 seedling bullets (the number of bullet signifies the number of SGS Thailand’s staff), and building four salt lick weirs to help control the water flow, using natural materials to heed His Majesty King Bhumibol Aduladej’s advice “to consider building economical weirs from low-cost, easily and locally-found materials, citing the use of wood and stones to build weirs as barrier to preserve and block off some water and soil residue coming from upstream waterways and small streams, which will permeate through the soil surrounding both sides of the weirs, and help moisturize and improve soil conditions for future planting of new trees; fire-protection trees; fast-growing trees, and unshredded leaf trees, leading to a gradual restoration of greenery into the upstream.  Participants appreciate this fulfilling experience and what they’d done to give back to the community. Despite its incalculable value, the created salt lick area will help alleviate the shortage of natural weir for wildlife.