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Human Resource development is one of the most important drives for an organization’s success. Let SGS be your key partner in developing your staff. Our course are designed to help you and your team work more effectively internally and externally. By enhancing your management and leadership skills, developing your strategic thinking and moving your communication skills to the next level.

TIPTOP Productivities Improvement / HR courses

5 S Kaizen Framework  13 May  2016
Effective Supervisory Skill 17 May  2016
Time Management 25 May 2016
Creative and System Thinking 17 May 2016
Effective Presentation & Meeting Techniques 26 May 2016
Planning & Project Management 12-13 May 2016
The Role of Supervisor and Manager 17 May 2016
Effective Negotiation Skill 17-18 May 2016
Train the Trainer                      22-23 June 2016
Business Communication 10  June 2016
Problem Solving  and Decision Making 22-23 June 2016
Effective Service Mind 21 June 2016
Power of Motivation 21 June 2016
Positive Thinking Workshop 9 June 2016
Remark: All of Training Courses will be held at Bangkok, Thailand.
For futher information please contact or 02-678-1813 # 2051-2099