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There are many fields in an organization. We help develop professional skills applying both theory and practice in any organization. With help from SGS, you and your business can gain knowledge you need continually adapt the way you work, keeping ahead of market developments and enabling you to continuously develop all aspects of your career and organization. There are so many sections available such as laboratory, agriculture, Code of conduct social accountability,.....

Highlight Courses

Basic Requirement of WEEE, RoHS, ELV and REACH                         18 Jul 2014
International Material Data System     24-25 Jul 2014
Code of Conduct Social Responsibility Awareness Training 08 Aug 2014
Integrated Pest Management   18 Aug 2014
ISO 7218 General requirement and quidance for microbiological examines 22 Aug 2014

Laboratory Testing Training Course

Quality Control of Media                                               18 Jul 2014
Understanding in Certificate of Calibration 25 Jul 2014
Measurement Uncertainty for Chemical Testing 14-15 Aug 2014
Method Validation in Microbiological Examination of food                   15 Aug 2014
Food Contact Materials for EU regulation compliance         20 Aug 2014
Using & Maintenance of Measuring Instrument         21 Aug 2014
Microbiological analysis on food poisoning bacteria          22 Aug 2014

Agricultural Training Course

Safe Practices in handling & Application of fumigation                         16 Jul 2014
Rice training overview   21 Jul 2014
Rice training - Fundamental course                                                   18-20 Aug 2014
Code of Conduct, Social Accountability training Course                      
Code of Conduct Training for Toy Industry         16 Jul 2014
Code of Conduct Training for The Electronics Industry     17-18 Jul 2014
Code of Conduct Training for Exporters to European Countries       23 Jul 2014
C-TPAT Compliance Audit Awareness         24 Jul 2014
Code of Conduct Compliance Training for Exporters to UK                15 Aug 2014
Code of Conduct Training for Exporters to USA 18 Aug 2014
 Code of Conduct Training for Exporters to France   22 Aug 2014

Environmental Training Course

Operation and Control of Biological Wastewater Treatment System 16 Jul 2014
Working Environment MGMT (Light Noise Heat) 18 Jul 2014

How to implement with the Air Pollution Laws & Technique of Emission

Air Control to Comply with the Standard Criteria

21 Jul 2014
Hearing Conservation Program                                                                15 Aug 2014
Introduction to LEED Requirements 15 Aug 2014

Industrial Training Course

Rigger, Crane Operator and Lifting Operation Controller course        21 Jul 2014
Safety Operations and Basic Maintenance of Forklift Course             15 Aug 2014

Mineral Service Training Course

Coal Technical Knowledge Base                                                             10 Jul 2014
Renewable Energy of Biomass   18 Jul 2014
Basic draft survey Overview   23 Jul 2014
Cargo Insurance and Claim Technique for Inter transaction              18 Aug 2014
BOI Approval Procedure and Overview   22 Aug 2014