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As you may be aware through communications from the Foundation of FSSC the new version of the scheme “FSSC 22000 version 3” has been published.

Some changes have been made to the FSSC22000 certification scheme to comply with the benchmarking requirements against the GFSI Guidance Document version 6. The changes do not affect the outline of the scheme; it adds detail and clarification to the earlier issue.

The following highlights the amendments which may require changes in your operation:-

Appendix 1A of Part 1.

  • Two additional FSSC requirements were added in Appendix IA of Part I. This means that there are now 4 additional requirements that need to be complied with and audited. The new requirements are:-

                Specific regulatory requirements
                Organizations seeking certification shall assure that specifications for
                ingredients and materials take account of any applicable regulatory
                requirements [e.g. control of prohibited substances].

                Management of Inputs
                The organization shall implement a system to assure that analysis of
                inputs critical to the confirmation of product safety is undertaken. The
                analyses shall be performed to standards equivalent to those described
                in ISO 17025.

  • Please note that as detailed in Part 1, Clause 2, Additional requirements in Appendix 1A are also applicable to Category M, Food Packaging Material Manufacturing.

Appendix 1B of Part I and Clause 11 of Part II.

The standard now states:-

  • In the event that the organization becomes aware of legal proceedings with respect to product safety or legality, or in the event of a product recall, the organization shall immediately make the CB aware of the situation in writing within 3 working days. The CB in turn shall take appropriate steps to assess the situation and any implications for the certification, and shall take any appropriate action.

               It is expected that this will be specified in your recall/crisis management
               procedures and that the SGS contact details for your local office will be
               added to the key contacts list.

Clause 10 of Part II.

  • The requirements for surveillance have been revised. All scheme requirements from ISO 22000, relevant PRP documents and FSSC 22000 additional requirements will be audited during the surveillance audits. Surveillance audits shall be carried out and reported as described in the scheme document “Guidance Notes on Surveillance Audits” which is available on the website.

Transition period

The Foundation has stated that all new certificates issued after the 31st October 2013 will refer to the new FSSC 22000 version 3.  SGS has decided FSSC 22000 Version 3 will be used for issuing new certificates for all audits performed from 1st July 2013; therefore all audits after the 1st July 2013 will cover the new additional requirements.

For those companies with existing certificates that refer to FSSC 22000:2010 or 2011 there will be a transition period to update the certificates. All certificates must be re-issued no later than May 31st 2014. In order for a new certificate with reference to FSSC 22000 Version 3 to be issued the new additional requirements must be audited and this will be done at your next surveillance or renewal audit.

If there are non-compliances against the additional requirements the first time that these are assessed these will be noted as an ‘advisory’ and will be followed up at the next audit for full implementation.
For further details of all the changes we recommend that you visit the Foundation Website at or contact directly with our Sales and CRM Team at 02-678 1813 ext 6 or email at accordingly.

We hope that this information has given you a summary of how the standard has changed but please feel free to contact us at anytime if you require any further information.