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Assess the effects of dredging on the environment with sediment and sludge testing services from SGS.

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Large-scale dredging of saline and fresh water systems has a profound effect upon sediment chemistry. The potential impact on these fragile ecosystems means analysis is now required to protect the environment.

Sediment & sludge testing services

Our experts can perform sediment analysis against the latest regulatory requirements, often involving very low detection limits. Using elutriate and modified elutriate procedures, our laboratories can demonstrate the effects of dredged sediment on the environment.

Analysis is often performed in combination with surface water and intact sediment tests.

Why choose SGS?

Analyzing sediments and sludge can be a complex procedure including difficult matrices that require specialized handling and participation from multiple sources. Our experienced technicians can perform a wide-range of analysis, providing efficient and accurate results to enable informed decision making.

To learn more about sediment and sludge testing services, contact your local SGS office.