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In response to a growing demand for exports to Japan, China and other key international markets, SGS has developed 100% inspection and product defect sorting services, for which dedicated inspectors inspect complete batches of finished goods prior to shipment to ensure they meet purchase expectations or regulatory requirements.

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Our 100% inspection and sorting services are usually conducted on special products or products of high value, and involve the sorting of good quality products from those with defects. The latter are separated from the batch and returned for improvement or disposal.

The techniques used by our expert consultants are similar to those used in our final random sample inspections and include:

  • Quantity checks
  • Visual appearance checks
  • Functional checks
  • Packaging and labeling checks

Additionally, we can conduct tests to your specific requirements so that you can be sure you are meeting the expectations of high-value customers.

SGS 100% inspection and sorting services are a good example of how SGS is constantly developing its third party inspection services to meet the evolving needs of increasingly global markets. Our dedicated consultants can advise on how we can adapt these new services to meet the needs of your current clients and markets or those clients and markets that are new to you. With over a century’s experience of providing inspection services that meet the needs of diverse industries, there is no better partner to examine the quality of completed batches of goods.