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SGS has extensive technical expertise to assist in fertilizer related projects anywhere in the world, across the entire value chain.


The fertilizer market segment includes all types of dry bulk fertilizers and chemicals used in agricultural production and industry. Our extensive capabilities can help you meet your operational needs and grow your business.

SGS offers the following urea determinations:

  • Alkalinity
  • Biuret analysis
  • Chloride analysis
  • Formaldehyde
  • Free Ammonia content
  • Water analysis (moisture content)
  • Total Nitrogen analysis
  • Nitrogen from Urea analysis
  • pH analysis (ISE06T)
  • Screening
  • Size Guide Number (SGN)
  • Uniformity Index (UI)
  • Borden test

SGS provides accurate, cost effective analytical services for fertilizer in accordance with many international standards to help you mitigate your risk. We provide the complete range of analytical testing procedures to meet the requirements of any fertilizer production through to the end user.